Bringing Your Dream Jutti To Life!


Juttis are 100% handcrafted by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. Jutti making is a highly intricate process involving various steps. The process begins from the designs being given life on special papers, famously called as Khagas. Once these sketches are perfected, they are hand embroidered on fabric with extreme precision and efficiency.

The fabrics are then cut as per different shoe sizes and pasted on leather lining, and hand stitched on leather soles to turn them into beautiful shoes. Then begins the final step of giving the perfect smoothness and finish, cutting of curves to give the shoe the correct shape and stitching the pieces of leather and cloth together. Each pair goes through multiple checks before being shipped to you, beautiful artistry loving people!
We at Moy believe that one can truly appreciate a product when one finds the product worthwhile and this is what we strive to bring to our customers. 

Every design is thought out carefully by our co-founders who put in the hardwork to create unique, first hand designs. Moy works with traditional artisans from Punjab, Bareilly and Jaipur, hence making these designs one hundred percent artisanal. Special attention is also paid to make the footwear extra comfortable by the use of double padded foam cushioning and by use of sturdy anti-slip soles. These three pillars come together to create a product that is worth your money and is sure to delight you!