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Brand Story


It all started a couple of years ago, when two friends, Cydwel and Nidhi, living in two different parts of the country decided to give shape to their life long dream of becoming entrepreneurs. With their shared love for handcrafted products, they were clear on the direction their venture would take, however finding the right product that appealed to both needed some exploration and thus began the journey of Moy.

A thorough research of the fashion industry indicated that while contemporary Juttis were available, they came at a premium cost. Both women wanted to make a product that had great design sensibilty and was affordable as well. Their travels to the heartland of North India also made them realise that India has a treasure trove of skilled artisans unparalleled at their craft.




With only passion on their side, these women made it their mission to give a platform to these artisans and take their art global and that is the birth story of Moy. 
Every Moy product has a special journey and all the products take weeks of dedicated work and immense craftsmanship before they are ready. Right from creating designs, finding the perfect embellishments, highest quality fabric is all done with lots of love and precision. Sustainability, unique artistry and artisanal inspiration are the three pillars on which lies the foundation of Moy.