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Our Co-Founders

Cydwel and Nidhi have known each other for 10 years now and even though geographically separated, they were always bonded by warmth and love.  These two strong minded women met during their MBA days unaware that the seeds of entrepreneurship will soon germinate into Moy.

A former HR professional, Cydwel's journey has been a fascinating one. Coming from a dainty village in Goa, she always dreamt of carving her own niche in a competitive world. Though having a cushy job, she always felt the desire to make a career in sustainable fashion, and therein began her entrepreneurial quest. With no prior experience in the fashion industry, but only self belief, Cydwel took the plunge and quit her job to focus on building a fashion brand

Nidhi always nurtured a deep desire to be an entrepreneur. However, coming from a family of salaried professionals meant finding a good job took precedence, which led her to join corporate and then lectureship. It was only while teaching Women Entrepreneurship to her MBA students, that the latent desire of being an entrepreneur, came to the fore and Nidhi decided to give shape to her lifelong dreams.

Cydwel and Nidhi recognize each other's individual skills by taking pride and complementing each other in sharing the same vision, 'Moy'.


Coming together is a beginning,

staying together is progress,

and working together is success.

                                                 - Henry Ford