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Fashion industry is the largest polluting industry in the world. Moy has been formulated with strong principles of 'Slow Fashion' and 'Sustainability'.

Slow Fashion

Juttis are considered as one time wear reserved for occasions with ethnic wear. We have given special attention to our designs to ensure that one Jutti can be used with multiple outfits for numerous occassions.


We use corrugated boxes for packing our Juttis. These corrugated boxes are made of recycled paper. We also provide dustbags to our customers to store their Juttis. These dustbags are also made of recyclable fabric. 



From embroidery to stitching, our Juttis are completely handcrafted by artisans from the hinterlands of our country. There is no use of any carbon emitting machinery.

Fair Trade

We work directly with artisans to ensure that they are duly paid for their hardwork and skills thus cutting out the involevement of any middlemen.